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Prioritizing Community

Strong communities build strong families. True holistic care of every child must begin with their community. The harsh realities of poverty are felt most deeply in rural communities such as our neighborhood of Dekle. With no access to government programs, these communities depend on each other to survive, but most of these communities lack basic resources and necessities. Community development empowers individuals and groups with skills to
make positive changes. We work alongside local leaders to build true community that ensures the well-being of every child.

People With Access to Clean Water

People in Community Savings Groups

Families Fully Supported by New Businesses


Children Involved in Sports Programs


Elderly Adults Cared for by Our Church


Emergency Meals Distributed


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Clean Water and Food Security

We built and maintain the only water well in our community of Dekle (5 mile radius). At KAV we have purified well water and indoor plumbing throughout all buildings that also benefit our community. We address major threats to food security by providing meals for all students, faculty, and KAV staff. Farming and agriculture are a part of the academic curriculum. Lastly, our Hope Church hosts regular community meals, and food distribution programs.

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Medical and Dental Care

We provide preventative health care through community-wide vaccination, health, eye, and dental care. Our dental clinic is the only such clinic in the area providing both preventative and restorative oral care. Our dental team provides free comprehensive care to all students, with clinical hours devoted to low-cost care open to all community members.

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We work with local leaders and churches to implement Biblical financial teaching and savings programs. Our program provides all the key components for community members to launch small businesses on their own with dignity. We further support these businesses by promoting and purchasing goods from them.

Our Community Strengthening Is Working!

Before joining a community savings group, Elmicea had no income and struggled to care for her six children. She took a loan from her savings group and now has a food stand business where she partners with other local businesses to feed the community while supporting her family. These community savings groups are keeping families together!

“All I needed was a place to start. The community savings group I am with gave me that start and now I can continue to grow my business.”

– Elmicea

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Help Us Strengthen More Communities In Haiti

When you donate to our community strengthening initiatives you become a member of the cooperative. You are supporting true grassroots change.

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