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Why We Focus On Discipleship

It is our desire that everyone who encounters the ministry of HHA would come to know, experience, and love the transformative power that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
We are committed to sharing the Gospel message not only within the walls of Kay Anj Village, but also throughout our surrounding community. We do this by making sure all program areas from education to agriculture celebrate Biblical principles.

People Have Come To Know Christ

Served Through Hospital and Prison Ministries

Have Been Baptized

Weekly Church Services and Nightly Bible Study


Holistic Haitian Alliance | discipleship programs Haitian church

Hope Church

In additional to weekly Sunday services, our Legliz Espwa (Hope Church) hosts nightly Bible study, parent training, and faith-in-action initiatives like food security programs for the community.

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Our discipleship efforts are not confined to our KAV, but include regular evangelistic engagement with the community. Members of our church visit the elderly weekly to help make sure their basic needs are met. They also share the gospel through a growing prison ministry that includes regular visits to the local prison for prayer and hygiene kit distribution.

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Christ In School

The senior pastor and school directors work closely together to incorporate Christ in school. Students are exposed to regular Bible study and are taught core subjects from a biblical world view.

Discipleship Is Changing Haiti

Almost weekly our discipleship team visits seniors in the community to help bathe, feed, and clean their homes. Each home also receives a meal and hygiene kit. On one of these visits our youth group was caring for Philomene’s mom. Philomene felt so cared for and this act of service is the reason Philomene started coming to our church. Within a couple months Philomene decided to be baptized alongside her mother!

“God showed me that people cared. I was alone caring for my mom and couldn’t do anything, but now I have a whole church helping and I know God sent them.”

– Philomene

Holistic Haitian Alliance | discipleship programs - Philomene

Support Our Discipleship Program

When you support our discipleship program you are spreading the gospel and can directly provide resources like Bibles, Hymnals, prison hygiene kits, and more.

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