Sustainable Agriculture

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Life is Better Through Agriculture

With over 70% unemployment, a key component of our holistic care approach to empower families and children is farming. With current inflation levels, store-bought products are unattainable for so many in our community of Dekle, furthering a malnutrition crisis. Our agriculture program in Haiti improves food security, promotes economic development, focuses on nutritional education, and protects the environment. All of our programs have an agricultural component.

Kids and Adults Learning to Farm

Farm to Table Meals Monthly

Acres for Gardening and Farming


Reduction in KAV Food Expenses


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Organic Farming

We use natural and traditional farming methods that do not involve the use of synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers. We use our own compost and are working to improve soil fertility and reduce erosion. We’re currently growing yucca, yams, plantains, spinach, peppers, beets, and more.

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Animal Husbandry

Our animal husbandry program is currently managed by the older kids in our Transitional program focusing on animal management and infrastructure, veterinary care, and nutrition. Our livestock includes cows, goats, and chickens. As our program grows we hope it will expand to more than just a significant source of protein but also become a source of income.

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Training + Education

We are on a mission to make farming and agriculture a primary source of livelihood. In addition to classroom-style training, our students receive hands-on experience by learning from and working with our farmers as a mandatory part of their education curriculum. Families within our community have regular opportunities to classes from cultivating to harvesting, as well as training alternative irrigation systems.


For many years our goal has been to produce our own food at KAV and for the children and families at our school and in our community. With the help of our incredible Farmer Alix and his team we are now producing meals four days a month that come 100% from our farm! As our programs continue to grow, we are striving to see our farm produce the majority of the meals our children, staff, and community are eating!

“Agriculture is everything. Haiti used to produce it’s own food and now we don’t, but we can again. The kids love it, and they’re smart. If they can grow then they can eat.”

– Alix, Head Farmer

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Support Our Sustainable Agriculture Efforts

When you support our agriculture programs you are fighting hunger, enhancing environmental quality, and empowering the use of natural resources.

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